Olena Kelly Health Coaching Program

I am Olena Kelly, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Lifelong Health and Wellness Enthusiast, Mat Pilates and Yoga Teacher; born and raised in Ukraine.

Health Coaching Program

As an Integrative Nutrition Health and Wellness Coach I support clients in becoming experts on themselves by generating insight, tapping into internal wisdom, and increasing self-knowledge. I lead clients through the ongoing process of transformation by helping them implement sustainable shifts based on what works for them individually. As a result, clients experience long-term lifestyle changes. Though clients may reach their bio-individual goals, there is no end point; rather, it’s a lifelong journey toward self-discovery, health, and well-being.

The Coaching Process - What to expect:

  1. The Initial Phase/ LAYING DOWN THE FOUNDATION/ First Session Health History completed by the Client and follow up Review Session (always complimentary):
    • Exploring values
    • Identifying priorities
    • Establishing rapport and trust
    • Expanding self-awareness
    • The end result of the Initial Phase: Creating A CLIENT-LED WELLNESS VISION
  2. Middle Phase Series of Follow up sessions / The WORK:
    • Focus on Personal discovery and Empowerment
    • Identifying and implementing Sustainable behavioral shifts
    • Professional guidance and helping clients use their own insights and intuition
    • Setting goals (SMART goal setting)
    • Exploring challenges
    • Creating action plans
    • Helping clients remain accountable to themselves
    • Supporting clients in making changes
  3. End Phase. Wrap-up:
    • Final Session / It’s a WRAP Focus on on Client’s Progress and how far he/she has come
    • Recognizing progress
    • Reinforcing learning and Helping clients develop a sustainable plan for maintaining and continuing progress
    • Creating closure/Celebrating

I will also:

• Collaborate with your existing healthcare providers

• Empower YOU to self-advocate by UNDERSTANDING WHAT to ask your current healthcare professionals.

• Encourage YOU to seek integrative holistic care specialists for your specific health needs.

• Explain and educate YOU on the information provided by your healthcare providers

• Identify PATTERNS and make CONNECTIONS – you become your own Health EXPERT

• Look at the BIGGER picture of your overall WELLBEING (what does that look like for YOU, specifically?)

• Offer concrete strategies and create an ACTION DRIVEN PLAN for implementing healthcare provider recommendations into your LIFESTYLE

• Serve as a bridge between you and your healthcare providers

• Ultimately HELP YOU in your creating and implementing a sustainable plan to ACHIEVE your SELF-DETERMINED Health and Wellness goals.

I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

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