Get SMART Wellness Coaching Program

I am Olena Kelly, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Lifelong Health and Wellness Enthusiast, Mat Pilates and Yoga Teacher; born and raised in Ukraine.

I will work with you to articulate your vision of an ideal future and make a plan together to realize that vision.

Get Smart with Olena Kelly Health and Wellness Coaching Program

My coaching program starts by assessing your stress levels, quality of life, goals, strengths and values – even if you’re not exactly sure how to put them into words. You and I will articulate your vision of an ideal future and make a plan together to realize that vision. I will introduce you to SMART goals which is a method for setting and tracking goals that have a higher probability of success and achievement. I will keep you accountable for meeting your SMART goals while also providing a safe place without judgment.

You’ll regularly meet with me one-on-one, to ensure you’re staying on track with the plan you have made. You’ll talk about what’s working and what you’re struggling with, or maybe whether some adjustments need to be made. The goal is eventually to have you self-empowered, maintaining consistent healthy habits and ultimately no longer needing a coach.

The following are areas that my Health and Wellness coaching program can help you address:

  1. The Initial Phase/ LAYING DOWN THE FOUNDATION/ First Session Health History completed by the Client and follow up Review Session (always complimentary)
    • Weight management: create and live a balanced and sustainable life
    • Life satisfaction: find meaning and live out your purpose in all aspects of life
    • Stress management: build strategies for resilience, calm and emotional well-being
    • Chronic disease: prevent or reverse chronic disease with lifestyle changes you pick at a pace that is comfortable and realistic for you
    • Self care: learn to prioritize yourself and develop an personalized tool kit to keep you thriving, not just surviving, all of life’s challenges
  2. Change: navigate life transitions with ease, such as changing careers, dealing with grief and loss, becoming an empty-nester, or going through menopause and accepting your aging body
    • Relationships: set boundaries and improve communication
    • Holistic care: achieve overall health by seeing how different areas are interconnected
    • Mental Health: learn to notice early signs of anxiety and depression and use tools to handle these issues before they become problematic and severe
  3. The Coaching Process - What to Expect:

    1. As an Integrative Nutrition Health and Wellness Coach, I support clients in becoming experts on themselves, generating insight, tapping into internal wisdom, and increasing self-knowledge. We'll embark on a journey of transformation, implementing sustainable shifts that work for you. Expect long-term lifestyle changes as a result.
      • Initial Phase (Laying Down the Foundation)
        In the first session, we complete a Health History review, exploring your values, priorities, and expanding self-awareness. This phase culminates in creating a client-led wellness vision.
      • Middle Phase (The Work)
        A series of follow-up sessions focuses on personal discovery, empowerment, goal setting, and making sustainable behavioral shifts.
      • End Phase (It’s a Wrap)
        In the final session, we celebrate your progress, reinforce your learning, and create a sustainable plan for continuing your wellness journey.

    2. The Coaching Programs Offered

      Choose the program that suits your wellness goals:

      6-Week Program

      Program length: six weeks
      Session frequency: weekly
      Session duration: 45 minutes
      Communication method: hybrid (virtual or in-person)

      12-Week Program

      Program length: 12 weeks
      Session frequency: weekly
      Session duration: 45 minutes
      Communication method: hybrid (both in-person and virtual)

      6-Month Program (The Deep Dive)

      Program length: six months
      Session frequency: biweekly
      Session duration: 60 minutes
      Communication method: hybrid (both in-person and virtual)

I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

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